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Headshot Session // Pricing

Every professional headshot contains more than just a selfie in your car or your cropped picture from a wedding. You may be opportune to have a standard camera but what about all the other elements that go into a photo? Such as proper posture, wardrobe, your expression and how all these elements influence others perception of you.

That’s where my expertise comes in. Apart from being an expert photographer, I will also coach guide and help you look like the celebs do, cool, calm and confident in front of the camera. I will be with you step-by-step through the whole session and will help you find your best look. All will be in a playful, fun and an atmosphere that is easy. Irrespective of your personality; a realtor, an actor, or someone who already knows the benefit of personal branding, these are the headshots that will definitely make you distinct and contribute to your success!

A headshot that’s professional must be capable to tell to the world that you are eager to devote to yourself, and it also shows that you as a self-assured and still approachable individual who is serious about what they do. As the they say still seems to ring true, “How you do anything, is how you everything.”

Soon after your shoot, we will load your proofs onto a online gallery where you can pick your favorites.

After that, it becomes a simple procedure to order any number of print product options including canvas prints, metal prints(my favorite), poster-sized enlargements, mounted prints, and other standard sized prints.

 [Pro Tip]

Headshots. It’s the only form of photography where you are the product.” –Ajay Jhaveri

Ajay Jhaveri, the founder and CEO of Argentum Photo Lab in Los Angeles, California, giving a speech to actors and actresses on the importance of a professional headshot.



Several pressed or solid neutral colored tops with varying neck lines and layers

(i.e sweaters, t-shirts, collared, button down…)


Same as said about men – are to avoid textured fabrics or excess patterned. A wardrobe that is flowing does not work as good as form-fitting attire.

Casting different directors would want to get a sense of your body type – a V-neck or camisoles work very well, and as said earlier on layers are indeed great.

For Both

it’s always best to keep it simple when making choice of clothes. Avoid been too consumed. Clothes like Suits and other kinds of clothes that are more specific looks can be explored when needed but apart from that, it is not all about what you are wearing rather it is more about selling you. Whatever clothing you choose to wear make sure it really looks good on you and you feel great in! You can always Cruise through my portfolio to get better idea’s



Makeup is generally not a necessity, but still, you can come with some powder if you have.


It is important that you have in mind that you will definitely be under professional grade lighting and your base/foundation should be heavy enough to meet standards. MODERATION IS ALWAYS NEEDED! Color combination must be accurate, or shimmers, please! Your stage base with everyday mascara, blush, shadow, and lips should do it. Don’t use powder or base with any UV/SPF protection or titanium dioxide because it would reflect the light and will cause highlights on your face, also don’t make use of lip gloss because it will cause the reflecting light to be distracted. Look for a good “photo ready” powder and base (Revlon’s PhotoReady™ powder is good and affordable, I really like MAC products too.). If you have in mind NOT to use my makeup artist I would advise you visit MAC Cosmetics or another store and ask their makeup artist there what they recommend for photography (flash and natural light), and feel free to contact me if you have any question.

For Both

a makeup artist is always available upon a request for an additional fee. I STRONGLY ADVISE this option for females, however, I understand we are all short of cash these days so it isn’t a requirement. For the period of our pre-shoot consultation, we can talk about makeup options, what to do and what not to do.

For the period of our pre-shoot consultation, we can talk more basically about other looks you that may want to explore, as I always love to throw in some creative portraits at the end of every session.

Most of my shoots are outdoors shot and are subject to cancellation at point in time for weather.


For models, actors, dancers and anyone else
taking their public image seriously!

Scenic Headshot Shoot


Whats Included:

  • No TIME LIMIT! (Say What!?) (Usually only need 1-3 hours)
  • No Limit to Wardrobes!
  • In-depth phone or local in-person consultation
  • Professional Retouching on four (4) of your favorite images plus 1 image I will pick for you (Total of five (5) images!)
    • Extra images for retouching will be $25 each.
  • Every image that can be used from the shoot delivered through an online gallery where you can favorite, download low resolution(For Social Media sharing) and/or buy high quality prints.
  • Storage and archival of your entire session so if lose your photos feel free to reach out!
Discounted rates are available for return clients and clients from referrals!